Appalachian Trail Day 3 - Hawk Mtn - Gooch Gap

Appalachian Trail Day 3

03-02-01 Day 3   4:45 PM

8.5 miles, AT 16.1 .2 miles to Shelter

Hawk Mtn. – Gooch Gap Shelter

Day 1 of rain

Today was marked my longest hike ever.  It was the toughest day too.  Two people called it quits today (maybe).  It rained in the AM.  The hike was pretty hilly.  My toes are hot but no blisters.

Appalachian Trail Day 3 - Hawk Mtn - Gooch Gap

Gooch Gap Shelter

I saw only one (1) crow and a bunch of bluebirds.  Didn’t sleep well again last night.  Tonight it will be wet and damp.  Lots of snails on the trail.  I’m still with Josh, Trisha, Brad and Jerry.  Brett is at the same point in his first day.  Met our first south bounders.  Dinnertime is here!  Stayed at Gooch Shelter.



Get out there!

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