Appalachian Trail Day 149

Day 149

07-26-01 19.6 miles

Logen Brook → Antlers Campsite

AT – 2116.3

I slept great last night.  Got a late start at 8:40am.  The weather was perfect hiking weather.  Even now it’s wonderful.  The hike itself was a snap except for two tiny climbs.  Other than those two I didn’t break a sweet.  I wasn’t overly excited about the views today.  The best part was probably at Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to.  It had a great swimming hole right in front of it.

Tonight’s camp is the best though.  Mortis, Jeff, (Squiggy) and I are on a point on Lower Jo-Mary Lake.  It’s beautiful.  The water is like bath water.  Nice to dip into but not for drinking.

Four days to go now.  I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad.  I will miss all the friends I have made on the trail.  But at the same time I miss being home.  Tomorrow I will go to White House Landing and have pizza and beer.  Life is good.

I just sat and watched the sunset, while watching to clouds change from bright orange to purple to gray.  On top of that there were two Loons calling to each other.  What a beautiful setting.  Each night out here is more amazing.  I will hate not being out under the stars each night.

Scatman 2018- Antler’s Campsite is still one of my favorite camp spots to this day. I was told about the campsite back in Vermont or Massachusetts by another hiker and made a mental note to stay there.  I wish I knew who that hiker was so I could thank them.


Get out there!

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