Appalachian Trail Day 150

Day 150

07-27-01 13.6 miles

Antlers Campsite → Wadleigh Stream Lean-to

AT – 2129.9

What a great night!  Antlers Campsite was the best.  It’s the most beautiful spot yet.  The sun woke me up at 5 or so but I didn’t get up till 7am.  I thought it was about 8:30 but I was wrong.  So much for sleeping in.

The plan was to get up late and hike to White House Landing for lunch.  White House is this place where you hike a side trail to a dock w/ an air horn.  You sound the horn and they come over in a boat.  Mortis, Squiggy, Jeff and myself went over.  Squiggy lost his wallet at Antlers so he took off right after we got there.  I don’t know if he fount it.  I got a pizza w/ pepperoni and black olives.  I had 3 cokes and a brownie.  I didn’t finish my pizza.  I’ve lost my talent of eating whole pizzas.  We left around 2pm but I left my shoes so I yelled to the boat guy and he came back.  The place was great.  Very relaxing and homey.  Everyone liked it.

The trail had a few more ups and downs to it today.  Nothing too hard.  We almost slept on a beach.  Mortis pushed on and Squiggy stayed at White House.  It’s Jeff and I.  We are E.T. camping in the shelter. (we are in our tents but there only held up by rope from the ceiling.  No poles.)  The mosquitoes are terrible.

We got the best view yet of Katahdin.  It was amazing.  I can’t wait to get there.

Scatman 2018- Squiggy did find his wallet at Antlers Campsite! This was probably on of the best days I had in the 100 mile wilderness for sure.


Get out there!


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