PCT 2007 Day 47 - Big Bear City, CA

PCT 2007 Day 47

Day 47 / 5-11-07; Zero day 3; Hotel
Big Bear City Motel 6
0 miles; 265.3 total miles; 2100.9 trip miles

I woke up at 6 am and couldn’t sleep any more. I slept great. Today is going to be a day of errands. I have to go to the post office, outfitter (my spoon broke in half two nights ago), grocery store, and the library.

I haven’t talked about them but every day I see tons of little lizards, some are big as well. The largest has been maybe 10″. I still haven’t seen a rattle snake yet. I see lots of birds and squirrels. I have started to see chipmunks.

PCT 2007 Day 47 - Big Bear City, CA

I can say one thing for sure, the PCT is such a dirty trail compared to the AT. Not in the trash or rubbish sense but in the amount of dust and dirt on my person. Even with pants on for 80% of the day I still have dirt all the way up to my thighs. I also sweat so much my shirt always is stained with salt. All the wrinkles on my hands are constantly filled with dirt. I sit, eat, walk, crap, and sleep in the dirt. It will be nice to be home and have running water at my disposal.

Some of you might have already notice I some times talk in present tense and then in past tense during the same journal entry. This is because some days I start my entry at lunch or dinner but don’t finish it until the next day. I hope it doesn’t confuse anyone.

PCT 2007 Day 47 - Big Bear City, CA
I’m currently at the library after taking the worlds most round-about bus ride to the outfitter, where I was only able to get a spoon. We got lunch at a Mexican place and I found a bandana at an army surplus store as well. UB is entering her journal into the web, and then we’re going food shopping and finally back to the motel. Rest days are not restful at all. I’m pretty tired even now. It will be nice to sleep in a bed for a second night.

Scatman 2011- This town day wasn’t as bad as I described yesterday but it did take us most of the day to travel 20 miles round trip to the other side of town.  The spoon I actually got at the outfitter was actually the owners own person spoon.  It was the only one he had until he got a new shipment.  He saved my hide big time.  I didn’t care one bit it was used.  It was longer than 2.5″ is all I cared about.



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