PCT 2007 Day 68 - Kennedy Meadows General Store

PCT 2007 Day 68

Day 68 / 6-1-07 Cowboy Camp   zero day # 5
Kennedy Meadows General Store
0 miles; 702.8 total miles (13.5); 2779 trip miles

I don’t think the chicken from last night agreed with me. Later when I went to bed, I felt like crap. I was hot and the ants drove me crazy as I tried to sleep. Once I felt somewhat better, I had the bright moon light in my eyes. It was a shitty nights sleep.

PCT 2007 Day 68 - Kennedy Meadows General Store

For most of the day I hung out on the porch of the general store. I packed my bear canister, bounce box, and made some calls. Eating whenever I liked today seemed to not agree with me either; but later in the evening, I felt okay. I made tortellini for Wounded Knee and I for dinner. We added veggies and garlic. Later we had some beer on the porch and I told the Scatman story.

PCT 2007 Day 68 - Kennedy Meadows General Store

My shin felt better today but it will need all of tomorrow to be good to go. Not much else happened since we were just sitting around on our day off.

Scatman 2011- There were so many hikers at the Kennedy Meadow Store.  When you walked out back there were tents and sleeping pads all over the place.  The day went quick enough with talk about who was going all the way through and who was stopping at Independence or VVR.  Or who was going up Mt. Whitney and who wasn’t.  There was a lot of bear talk and whether you had to carry a bear canister.

There were also a lot of locals too.  The store is really all that there is around those parts.  The mixture was quite interesting to say the least.



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