PCT 2007 Day 85 - Duck Lake - Clark Lakes Trail

PCT 2007 Day 85

Day 85 / 6-18-07 TT 9500′
Trail to Duck Lake – Middle Fork -Clark Lakes Trail
25.3 miles; 920.6 (48.4) total miles; 2810.6 trip miles
80’s, sunny hot

Deer count is 47
Marmot count is 43
Pika count is 2
Bear count is 0

!!!The deer have taken the lead. Today seemed to be headed to a day without change but the deer surged ahead!!!

Last night my camp spot was so hard, it’s convinced me to get my Thermarest despite the extra weight. We were up and out by 6 just like usual but we had Megan and Eddy joined us until we hit Deer Creek where they stopped for breakfast. The hike to Deer Creek was fairly easy with rolling terrain. We moved on and passed through Upper Crater Meadow and then a burned section of forest just before the turn to Reds Meadow.

PCT 2007 Day 85 - Duck Lake - Clark Lakes Trail

Ed and I went to Reds, while Wounded Knee went on alone. Ed and I made phone calls to home and then Thirsty Boots showed up. The three of us ate at the diner there and then hung out for a while. At 12 Second Hand showed up and before Ed and I knew it was 12:50 pm. We planned only to go in for the phone and drinks. We left ASAP and made good time to Devil’s Postpile National Monument. We took the side trail that brought us closer to it and got some nice pictures. Just after the Postpile we got to the junction where the JMT and PCT split into two trails. Ed decided to go with me which I was happy about. I enjoy his company and he will be leaving me at Tuolumne to get to El Cap.

We moved on and passed Minaret Creek which had a beautiful three part waterfall. Climbing came next as we hiked along the_—– River. We got to Agnew Meadow around 4:30, where we got water and used the bathrooms. We then had to climb for 5.2 miles. The first half was pretty tough but it had great views to the west and south.

PCT 2007 Day 85 - Duck Lake - Clark Lakes Trail

Devil’s Post Pile

About half way up, I spotted some hikers on the trail and I went over to say hello and let Ed catch up. Just before the hikers I saw four deer then spooked a female grouse. We chatted a bit with the hikers and then moved on to a nice lookout, where we had dinner.
The view at dinner was of a waterfall cascading down from Shadow Lake. Even from across the valley, it was loud.

We hiked on through grassy hillsides and short shrubs until we got close to camp where we finally got back to the forest. The open hillside we were on was beautiful. I was sure I would see a bear on the hillside at one point but didn’t.

We set up camp, and as I began to type, Yogi, Radar, Diesel, and Hammer came in. They are camped just below us.

Scatman 2011- Today was one of those days broke up by a big meal which always slowed you down.  Lucky for us the hiking was easy so we still were able to put the miles in.  The views later in the day were great.  Though the climb was hard the sights the elevation gave up were worth it.  It was my first night without Wound Knee in a while.  He took the JMT as planned.  The mosquitoes at camp were off the hook.  I was able to wash up at a small grassy area with water running through it so I wasn’t too sticky when I went to bed.



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