I’ve been to Necklace Valley twice now.  This hike was number #2.  The first time I went I attempted to climb the head wall at the top of the valley but without crampons or an ice axe I was destined to hurt myself so I made the decision to turn back.  My goal was just to reach the top.

Top of Necklace Valley

Since then I have learned  of the beauty of the Chain Lakes which lay above the head wall.

With what I learned on my first attempted you’d think I’d go prepared this time.  Nope!  I still didn’t bring the ice axe or crampons thinking that it was later in the season and the snow would be gone.  Wrong! The head wall is north facing so I don’t think the snow ever leaves.  This time I didn’t ever attempt the wall. As the picture to the right shows, there was wasn’t much snow but that fog was moving lower by the minute.  I ended up putting up my tent not too far from the spot I took this picture.  I had to eat inside my tent the Mosquitoes were so bad.

This meant I couldn’t dine with the Pika who was also eating feet from my tent.  Does anyone not think they are adorable?

You can checkout some more pictures from my hike at flickr.com.  Happy Trails.


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