Even though this is an old trail report I wanted it here on my post as a reference for you the reader.

I started on a Friday night around 6:30 pm, Labor Day Weekend.  My first goal was to reach Trap Pass, 13 miles in to my hike.  I arrived at Trap Pass around 10:30 PM and was asleep by around 11.  I got and earlier start around 5:30 AM.
My first full day went well for about the first 15 miles or so.  The new shoes I was trying weren’t working out.  They were bruising my ankle bone and I was in major pain by lunch.  I remember stuffing an bandana in my shoe to keep the shoe off my ankle bone.  Descending was the most painful.  I recall how long it took me to descend down to Deep Lake from Cathedral Rock.  After that it was more descending to Waptus Lake only to climb the 2160′ back up to Escondido Ridge where I spent my second night.  I spent the night in an old burned out section of forest.  All the trees were a whitish/gray color and with the bright moon that night they seemed to glow.  I slept right next to the trail in my borrowed bivy sac.  It was cold and I could have used more layers.
The next day started with another grueling 2150′ descent to Leham Creek.  It was as painful as the one to Deep Lake.  Things only got worse from the Parks Lake area on.  This was due to the rocky footing of miles 52 to 67.  Now not only was my ankles and knees hurting, now the bottom of my feet hurt. Even my green Superfeet couldn’t protect me at this point.  I limped my way around Chikamen Ridge to Kendall Cat Walk, then started the 5 mile descent to Snoqualmie Pass.  By now I was beyond the pain mentally but physically I could still feel it.
I arrived at Snoqualmie Pass at 5:30 PM on Sunday evening.  I hobbled myself in the process but I managed to do the hike in 47 hours.  I remember falling and having to grab the door frame when I tried to get up from the bed the next morning.  It was an incredible trip but it came at a cost.


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