Im very saddened to say that this weekends hike from Stevens to Snoqualmie Pass (StoS) is not going to happen.  Many factors were involved in coming to this hard decision, and it wasnt easy.  I still hope to get out this weekend and be able to bring you another exciting adventure but one not so grand it makes you shake your head and say WOW.

All my training will not go to waste since cyclocross starts 9/12 and I have decide that my first 50K trail race will be the Chuckanut 50K in Bellingham, WA on March 19, 2011.  I will take my current base and continue to get stronger in preparation for that event.

As for this weekend I plan to hike around Mt. St. Helen on the Loowit Trail with a good friend.  It will be 30-35 miles of exposed trail, through lava fields, gullies, wash outs, rivers and bolder fields.  It may be half the distance of StoS but it will be just as hard.  I’m happy to have someone to go with as well.  Okay, so maybe this hike has some, “WOW”.


Get out there!

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  1. Jan
    Jan says:

    Sorry to hear that you could not hike. I know how much you were looking forward to it. Perhaps you can do it over the Columbus Day weekend; but not living on the west coast, I do not know if snow would be a problem.

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