Some of you might have seen a post by Zac Dab on the MFG site about an unnamed individual who approached them about making something special for 3 lucky series winners.  For those not at the series end party at Pyramid, that person was me.

Zac and Terry suggested I make something people really needed and wheel bags were picked.  Being that I work at Outdoor Research I was able to acquire a lot of help and materials for the project.

TONY PLETCHER of, winner of the Cat. 4 Men, took home this set:


Spots 2

MITCHELL THORNTON of First Rate Mortgage, winner of the Jr. Boys 10-12, tool home this set:


Bullseye 2

(I’m missing the picture of the second half of Mitchell’s set.  I’ll do my best to get a picture soon)

BRYAN URAKAWA of Byrne Invent, winner of the Cat 4 Master Men 35+,

took home this set:


Star 2

I hope to do this again next year so be ready for something custom and handmade from Scatman’s workshop!



Get out there!

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