So I’m in the process of returning a pair of shoes, and as luck would have it the size is no longer visible.  As we all know sizing for cycling shoes vary between brands, so knowing your size in one brand doesn’t help with another.  My little problem gave me the idea to put down a list of things every cyclists should write down on notepad, in excel, or as a note in your phone.

Here goes:

  • Shoe size by brand
  • Helmet size by brand
  • Seat height and other fit dimensions (for when you travel and rent a bike)
  • Air pressure for your fork and shock (if your fork doesn’t have a sticker on it already tell you what to put in it you can write it down on a piece of take and stick it on your fork as well)
  • USA Cycling license number
  • Insurance #
  • Emergency Contact
  • Doctors phone #

Did I leave anything out?  Leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list if I did.



Get out there!

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