January 1, 2011

Location: Coal Creek Trail (#Cougar-N1)

Issaquah Alps – Cougar Mountain

Guide Books and Maps:


3 miles (6 round trip)
550′ of elevation gain
Highest Point 600′
Dirt and some gravel tread

Things to see:

Wild Flowers


Current conditions:

This was my first time to Coal Creek.  The ground is frozen solid at the moment and there is ice at a few of the small water crossings along the trail.  It’s not enough to worry about slipping but runners should take note of their step.  The bridges also had a nice layer of frost on them making them a bit slippery.

The trail itself is very well maintained.  It’s clear this trail receives a lot of use due to its location and easy of travel.  The tread is smooth, wide and drainage is great, though my running partner did point out the icy spots are usually mud pits so beware when it’s warmer to not have your good shoes on.  Beautifully crafted bridges span all the larger stream crossing.

Overall the trail is in great condition and is a gem for anyone looking for a quick run/hike/walk in the woods.  Great views, moderate elevation gain and close to Seattle.

Run Data and Map



Get out there!

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