Besides having a wonderful family and a great group of friends it appears I’m lucky too. During the holiday season I have managed to win not one, not two, but three, that’s right three contests. Each prize has gotten larger so I’m hoping the next will be Mega Millions. We’ll have to wait and see.  For now here is my bounty so far:

Prize #1 was 6 Clifbars from the Quadrathon Blog.


Prize #2 was a GYST Concepts 1-10 Duffle bag!

1-10 Duffle

Instant Changing Area

Our duffelbag features our X-Changer Pack System [XCP System], allowing you to open it anywhere, get changed on a clean mat and carry a clean bag when you are done. Each portion of the bag is water repellent. -GYST

Prize #3 was a set of Altas Series 9 snow shoes w/poles and carrying bag from the Wild Washington blog

Altas 925's

The whole package.

Look for reviews of all these products and take a moment to checkout the great sites and companies who donated them.  2011 is starting off right!



Get out there!

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