Today marked the start of the Mila Headlamp Series at Cabin Creek.  The weather and conditions were less than favorable.  It was 30 and raining as we went over Snoqualmie Pass.  From previous reports from my friends I knew there was about 1.5″ of new snow and that the groomer hadn’t been out.  The snow was wet, choppy and heavy, though surprisingly fast.  I had cold wax on but I still had good glide.

The race is two 2.5K laps with minimal climbing.  The longest hill is only few hundred meters from the start.  There’s nothing like getting the heart rate up fast, (look at mine below. “click View Details”).  Before tonight I have never “raced” on my skis.  Though this is just a training series I still wanted to do well.  I finished with a time of 17:36.  I didn’t feel too bad about this until a friend told me he did it in 15:37!  It’s okay since I know he’s a stud at pretty much everything.

Even though the above chart says I did 3.07 miles I actually did 3.2 or 5K. Even though my watch recorded in metric units the web converted it back to statute units. I also did a 5K warm up and a 5K cool down which I didn’t record. 15K in total.

Next weeks race is a Classic race.


Get out there!

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