Tonight I skated skied for the first time in two weeks and went big.  My goal was to skate for 2 hours.  Before tonight my longest ski was 1:35.  Lucky for me my buddy John was there and I had someone to skate with.  The conditions were great.  There were a few icy spot but the snow was firm and fast.

My body held up okay until about 20k in.  Then my left ankle started to get sore and my left cafe started it’s normal tightening up.  Around 30k my shoulders and arms started to go.  The good part was I was able to keep my form throughout.

Here is the data:

Why did I skate 34.55k in 2+ hours? Well I’m doing a 50k race on March 20th and it’s going to hurt a lot more than tonight. Nights like tonight will lessen the pain.

Get out there!
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