Swix Pro Fit Bodywear, Turtleneck w/zip

Replaced with:  RaceX Body w Halfzip


Swix Pro Fit Bodywear Turtleneck

Test Period: 1.5 months

Besides two hats, the Swix Pro Fit Bodywear Turtleneck was the first piece of technical wear I’ve purchased from Swix.  To be honest I didn’t need the shirt but when I saw someone else getting one I followed suit.  The shirt has an athletic cut which I like.  Sleeve length can always be an issue with shirts and jackets but not on this shirt.  Lately I only buy wool, so I was a little unsure how the Swix Pro Fit Bodywear Turtleneck would do when it came to retaining odors.  So far it has washed up nicely and smells fresh each time.  It will be interesting to see how it does after 6 months of use.

It does a decent job of wicking away moisture considering how thin the material is.  Swix calls it a turtle neck long sleeve top but it’s more of a mock turtle neck in reality.  Thumb holes might be a nice touch but are not needed.  Most nights I ski with this shirt it’s around 25 to 35 degrees.  I layer it under a thermal L/S cycling shirt and if it’s really windy a nylon vest.

The Facts:

  • Half zip turtle neck long sleeve top.
  • Tailored fit.
  • Soft and comfortable.
  • Transports moisture efficiently.
  • Fabric composition: 100% polyester rib with wicking and anti-bacterial properties.

Product Description:  PRO FIT is functional, technical bodywear for training and competition.

Pros and Cons: What this shirt has going for it is its length and feel against the skin.  It’s soft and feels great.  The one Con I have is the zipper, for one it’s not a half zip but more like a quarter zip and the zipper never works properly.  It’s fine toothed and it’s super finicky. Most often than not it jams up.

Overall: This shirt would totally rock if it weren’t for the zipper issue.  I still use it but dread getting out of it at the end of every skate.



Get out there!


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