Almost everyone has a first aid kit in their backpack but most do not have a safety kit in their car in case it breaks down or they get stuck.  If you enjoy the outdoors whether on bike, foot, skis, boat or any other means of travel then you probably get off the main thorough fair or travel in adverse conditions.  This being the case you should be prepared with a car safety kit.

Build your own by car safety kit by gathering the following items:

Water- One can survive many days without food but not without water.  This is one item you don’t want to be without if you get stuck.

Food- As we said above you can go days without by why would you.  Be prepared and keep some energy bars or other high calorie items in your kit.  If you go as far as having a stove in your kit, you can put some dehydrated meals or things like oatmeal in as well.

Warmth- Beside water, staying warm and not getting hypothermia is key in winter situations.  Carry a heavy blanket or sleeping bag.  Maybe some prepackaged hand warmers.

Extra Clothes- Even if you’re going on a short trip it’s always smart to have extras.  Things like a hat, gloves or rain jacket could save you if you have to walk for help.  A down jacket wouldn’t hurt either.  Spare socks or thermal underwear are also great items to have.  I prefer wool as it’s warm and doesn’t hold stink.  You never know how long you’ll be stuck.

Flash light- You can’t run the car or the interior lights forever so having a secondary light source that is separate from the car is important.  Head lamps are the best as they allow you to use them hands free.  Other light sources you might consider are:  glow sticks, a wind up flashlight, and water proof matches.

First Aid Kit– I think this one is self explanatory.  Just be sure you know how to use all the items in your kit so you will be prepared to treat any ailment.

Toilet paper- Why use your socks if you don’t have to.  You might also think about some wipes to help keep clean.

Tools- Depending on your skill level or the nature of the issue having a small tool kit on hand with some key items can be a life saver in of itself.  Simple items like screw drivers, cutters, adjustable wrench and a sock set could really help you out in a jam.

Other key items- jumper cables, chains, road flares, hand held radio, maps, cash money and change for payphones, small knife, and ice scraper.


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