Tech Tips for your camera.

If you’ve ever done a lot of hiking like me you know all too well it can take a toll on your camera.  After my Pacific Crest Trail hike you could barely read any of the symbols on my camera.  We won’t even go into the condition of the LCD screen.  I had all this damage even though I kept my camera in a hip belt pocke

Here are a few tips you can use to keep your camera looking new.


Buy and put a screen saver for a smart phone on the LCD to keep it from getting scratched.


Carry a eye glass cloth.  The trail can be dusty and god forbid you drop your camera in the worst moon dust imaginable while on Hat Creek Rim like I did.

Butter Fingers:

If your like me and have dropped a camera or two then you know my pain.  I’ve broke two the same camera twice.  After seeing the Osprey Metron series packs I got the idea of putting a retractable cord on my camera.  If you keep your camera on your shoulder strap a retractable key chain device offers plenty of length to snack photos.

Versatility and better pics:

Do you hate the dreaded obvious self portrait shots where it’s plain as day you’re the subject and photographer?  Unless you’re Elastic Man or Gumby, you need the Stickpic.  It’s a simple device that allows you to attach your camera to your hiking pole and increase the distance between the camera an yourself.  The result is pictures that look like someone else is taking the picture, and a wider field of vision in the shot.  You can also use it to video journey.

Water Proof your camera:

SealLine case.

Get out there!
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