This past weekend I had the itch to get out on my fat bike and camp. Instead of letting the fact that I dont have a single bikepacking pack, a rack for my Pugsley snowbike, or anyone to go with stop me I loaded up my backpack from the PCT and headed to the mountains. My destination was any flat spot along the snowmobile trail to Lost Lake near Snoqualmie Pass, WA. For most of the drive to the trail head I worried the parking lot was going to be more suited for my snow bike then my car. Luckily when I got there it was frozen solid, as I would be soon. It was damn cold!
The trip was more about just getting outside than anything but I did learn a ton.

1. I have a hot ass, as I woke up with a huge dent under it from the snow melting. Were talking J Lo size people and my ass or lack of one isnt big.
2. Bring warmer gloves for the am as it can be colder.
3. Hip belts and pedaling dont mix.
4. Apparently I can sleep through the Groomer, as it passed (40 away) during the night or early morning and I never heard it.
5. Loose corn like snow sucks to ride in.
6. People smile when they see a fat bike.
7. Fatbikes are FUN!

Note the overly large 3 person tent for little old me. I went a little crazy selling stuff on Craigslist this summer.

My campsite for the night. Hard snow, bright moon, loud squirrels, curious woodpecker and Hugo (my Pugs).

Though the sun looks warm it was a super cold morning.

My non-bikingpacking set up. I should have my gas tank and a sling done shorty. After that a frame bag.

Lost Creek I believe???

This is all the pictures I could manage as I was using my Iphone and my hands were freezing.  I couldn’t bare the thought of taking them off again.  Next time I’ll remember my actual camera.

I put Sram Gripshift on my fatbike as it was so hard to use the Shimano trigger shifters last time.  This was a huge improvement and the bike preformed better too.  Remembering the winter boots was key.  At least my toes were warm.  I’ll post gas tank and sling pictures soon. Fat bikes are on my mind a lot these days, I just wish the conditions and riding was closer.


Get out there!

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