So the other day I was riding and due to my booties being wet still I left them at home.  About three quarters through my ride the sun began to dip on the horizon and my poor feet began to get cold.  Every cyclist has been in this situation or one like it.  We’ve all seen pro putting newspaper under their jerseys for a cold descent.

As I rode I ate to keep my energy up and attempt to create some warmth through digestion.  When I was done with my energy bar I looked at the wrapper and the idea for this tech tip came to mind.  Almost all energy bar wrappers are made from some type of foil or material that will not easily tear.

Foil Wrapper -Photo by C.Fowler

I pulled over sat down and pulled off my shoes.  I flatten both wrappers I had and then placed the wrapper on top my my foot and slipped my shoes back on.  I effective made a wind barrier for my toes.  As I rode I realized one could do the same thing in their gloves for the back of their hands.  Recycling while on your bike.

Wrapper Wind Barrier -Photo by C.Fowler

It did take a few tries to keep the wrapper from sliding backwards as I slipped my foot in but loosening my shoes all the way helped a lot.  If you’re in a pinch it’s better than nothing.
Get out there!
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