Here are ways you can follow me on my newest adventure that starts this Saturday, June 30th.


The first arrow indicates my Spot map.  This map once active will show my current position.  I will start recording my position on Saturday June 30th.

The second arrow indicates the social media sites I use.  Each one of these icons will take you to my home page for that site where you can Follow, Like, or Subscribe.

The third arrow indicates my newsletter for my site.  If you enter your email (be sure to confirm your choice to join.  You will receive an email for this) you will receive an email from my site only when I post a new article.  This is the simplest way to follow me at any time.



The above shows you were to find Youtube videos.

Twitter, flickr

The above shows you where to find Flickr and Twitter. The newsletter will not notify you when I upload a video, tweet or add new pictures to Flickr. You’re on your own to check on these when you visit my site.

Emails are welcome.  The open road is a lonely road.

And for you Facebookers,

My connection to the internet will be limited in Alaska and even more so in Canada but I’ll do my best to find WiFi.

Get out there!
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  1. Scatman
    Scatman says:

    I originally wrote this for my co-workers and didn’t mention I’m going with someone on this trip as they do not know him. I will be traveling with my good friend Mike Fusaro.
    I look forward to this amazing adventure with him.

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