Cycling has seen all kinds of advancements and one of them is tubeless tires.  By now a large portion of you out there have either tried or gone over to riding tubeless wheels.  If you have you know how much of a pain in the ass it can be to fill your tire with the Stan’s sealant and then get the rest of the tire seated on the rim.  I have the answer for you!

Instead of seating one side of the tire then partially seating the other, holding it in place while trying to pour the sealant in, and then attempt to finish seating the tired without it coming undone and spilling the sealant. Try the below.

The old way where you have to fight the tire as it never wants to stay on the rim.

Seat both beads of the tire then install it on your bike in a stand.  Then take a tire lever and use the lever to unseat the tire and twist.  You will now have a small gap between the tire and the rim in which you can pour the sealant in.  Release the tire lever reseating the tire and add air seating the bead.  Now just continue as you would normally coating the inside of the tire with the sealant.

The new way of adding sealant. “Twist and Pour”.

No mess, and no more asking someone to hold the tired on the bead while adding the sealant. “Twist and Pour”.


Items you need to go tubeless:

Stans NoTubes Tubeless Bicycle Tire System

Stans NoTubes Tubeless Rim Strip

Stans NoTubes Yellow Spoke Tape



Get out there!

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