We all know the term cougar can mean more than one thing.  One meaning describes an older human female who preys on younger males and the other a wild feline, who you hope never preys on you.  Below is a comparison of the two.

Urban Cougar Rural Cougar Winner
Size/wt Variable (100+ lb) Usually (64 to 141 lb) Rural
Body Variable Toned and musclar Rural
Temperament Calm to Crazy Aggressive to outsiders Urban
Chances they will fight with another female? High High Draw
Claws Manicured Sharp & Deadly Rural
Range 15 Square miles 29-190 Square miles Rural
Feeding habits Something someone else prepare Caught or already dead animals Rural
Chances they’ll stay the night High Low Rural
Chance they’ll want to snuggle and not eat you High Low Urban
# of Off-spring/# of years at home Variable / 18+ 1-3 / 2 max Rural
# of Ex’s Variable Variable Draw
Monogamous or Polygamous Both Most likely Polygamous Draw
Social Compatibility Can’t shut them up Solitary Rural
Cost of meeting one Your wallet Your life Urban

The tally…Urban took 3 points, and the Rural took 8 points.  If you choose a winner based on points the Rural wins, but going this route could cost you more than you want.  You decide.


Get out there!

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