So winter time is when I “kinda” slow down. Most winters I get out my sewing machine and get creative. Two years ago I saw a bartender who has a leather wrist band that had a PBR can riveted to it. It made me think I could do something similar with the wallets I had made.
I had purchased a simple recycled bicycle tube card holder wallet from Alchemy Goods and since then made a copy from Gore-Tex.  Now I have removed the license viewing and put a beer can in it’s place.

photo 1

Note the edges around the can are not finished.

I have played with different ways to finish the edges of the wallets.  I finally decided to make the edges longer than shown above and then fold and stitch them down, giving them a finished look.  It looks much better and is much easier than trying to stitch 1/4″ ribbon on each side.  Here are some finished products below.


Fat Tire Shift and Dales Pale Ale.

Fat Tire Shift and Dales Pale Ale.


Both are sown with Codura Multicam fabric.

Both are sown with Codura Multicam fabric.


I can make any flavor wallet you want as long as I can find the can or you ship a couple to me.  Finished area of can is 2.25″ by 3 3/8″ give or take.  (If you want me to use a certain section of the can you’re sending draw a rectangle larger than 2.5 x 3.5″ of the area you want used).  Wallets are made to order and only take a few days.  Payment is via PayPal.

Wallet Options:

  • Material
    •  Codura (only in Multicam & Black) or Gore-Tex.
  • Colors
    • Black
    • Tan
    • Multicam
    • Digicam (Green, Desert 1 and 2)
    • Red
    • Classic Camo

Desert Tan


Digi Cam Green








Digi Cam Desert 1


Digi Cam Desert 2


Classic Camo

Cost:  $15

Contact me HERE for address and payment information.


Get out there!

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