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It’s that time again.  Time for me to lace up my shoes and hit the trail.  This time it will be the Continental Divide Trail (CDT).  Like the Pacific Crest Trail the CDT starts on the Mexican border and ends at the Canadian border.  The distance ranges from 2700 to 3100 miles.  This is due to the fact that the trail is only about 70% done.  You can read more about the CDT HERE.  I should be starting my hike around April 20th.  Weather and snow levels will determine this.

Here is a great map.



I’ll get to hike through some incredible places like Gila River, Apache NF, San Juan Mountains, Collegiate Peak Wilderness, Indian Peaks Wilderness, Rocky Mountain NP, Teton Wilderness, Yellowstone NP, Bob Marshall Wilderness, Wild River Range, and Glacier NP.  I’m most excited to see the Gila, San Juan’s, Rocky Mountain NP, Wild River, and Glacier NP.

I’m also excited to see more critters, and yes count them.  Hopefully I’ll see some moose and grizzlies this trip.

I have gained the support of the follow amazing companies: Julbo USA, Aquamira, Superfeet, Outdoor Research, Ibex, Dude Wipes, Platypus Hydration ClifBar, and Petzl.














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So the official start date is April 25th (and my estimated finish is sometime around Labor Day).  I have left my job and will spend the last few weeks in Colorado nailing down the last items for the trip.  Once I have it done I will share my Mail Drop schedule with you all.  Chocolate chip cookies are welcome, oh and letters too.


I’ll add to this post as more information and plans become know to me.

Get out there!

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