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Arizona Trail Race (AZTR)

Arizona Trail Race (AZTR) The Arizona Trail was made a National Scenic Trail in 2009 and officially completed in 2011. Stretching from the Mexico border to the southern border of Utah, it's over 750 miles long. The trail even traverses the…
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Tour Divide (TD)

TOUR DIVIDE The Tour Divide (TD)route was mapped over 4 years and first published by Adventure Cycling Association in 1998. Starting in Banff, Canada the TD finishes on the US/Mexico border in Antelope Wells, NM. The format for the race…
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Colorado Trail (CTR)

Colorado Trail (CTR) The Colorado Trail  (CTR) covers 500 miles from Denver to Durango. Originally designed as a hiking and equestrian trail, mountain bikers found it's beauty and challenging single track too irresistible. Users are faced…
Bikepacking White River National Forest - Craig Fowler

What is Bikepacking?

  BIKEPACKING   There is no official definition for what bikepacking is, but the loosely accepted one is: Bikepacking is basically the combination of cycling and camping. Unlike normal touring it's generally off-road and…
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Triple Crown, How Did I Start ?

I'm consistently asked how I got to be a Triple Crown hiker.  Where did my love for thru-hiking and cycling come from.  I grew up in a time when kids made forts from sticks, spent hours in the woods and rode their bicycles everywhere.  I…
Thru-Hiking/bikepacking triple crown map w/ symbols

Evolution of a black eye

The other day my roommate talked me into going mountain biking at Duthie Hill.  I was game since I've only been on my mountain bike a few times in the past couple of months.  We successfully rode three laps of the entire cross country loop…