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Becky Rogers


Running (Exploring by running in new places is one of my passions and offers an unique view of the world.)

Paddle boarding



Trail running






Strength and conditioning Coach

Passion Profile - Becky Rogers


What makes you 1 of 7 billion?


This is an interesting question.  I’ve been really fortunate to have 40 years of extraordinary opportunity.  With that I’ve discovered I’m not particularly gifted in any one thing.  I think perhaps it is solely my focus that distinguishes me in everything I approach.  My drive to explore my own limits inside the context of activities I love is intense.  I think I’ve heard the word “crazy” floated a few time when folks describe me.  If they mean crazy focused then yes, yes I am.


Where does your motivation come from?


The same barrier of time is also my motivation.  Life is so brief.  I don’t see any reason to waste a second of my consciousness.  Getting out there and really living is my motivation.  I enjoy pushing myself to grow so sometimes I do things that others find a bit crazy but for me, it’s enjoying my life to the fullest.


What barriers have you identified in life that have kept you from following your passions?


Time is the big bad monster in the room.  There is only so much time to be with my children, work, train, and live all the life I want to live.


What methods have you learned to use to overcome those barriers?


I learned to stop trying to be perfect.  Training sessions for me often involve my 4 young children.  I combine running laps at the local soccer complex with my kids play.  I use a 9 hour hike with my kids as time on foot vs stressing out about how far we’ve gone.  I pull sleds and lift Stones with my kids instead of always training alone in a gym.  Becoming flexible with methodology is absolutely essential for me to overcome the time barrier.  As a bonus I’ve found training flexibility also creates an adaptable athlete which is hugely advantageous in ultra trail.


Can you share your favorite inspirational quote to help motivate others?


Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.


What is your favorite way to inspire others?


To be honest, I’m never thinking about inspiring others when I go out and do what I love.  I really get fixated on my current goal and pour my entire heart and soul into the effort.  I do my best to share the realities of the process with others and that seems to be something people identify with.


What was it that got you into ultrarunning?


I’ve hiked and done self support canoeing trips since I was really young.  I started running a bit longer in college for stress relief from my studies as a microbiologist and work.   At that time I had no idea that there was such a thing called ultrarunning or trailrunning.  Combined with college soccer, I was running around 130 miles a week because I loved it.  A few years later, I heard that people were running trails and some folks were even running 100 miles.  I like the idea of trail running and decided to give it a try.  I honestly never thought I’d run even a marathon at that point.  I guess you could say I got sucked it.  Haha!  I skipped the marathon and went straight to a 50k and never looked back.


What Passion(s) are you following in 2019?


2019 is a fun year for me.  I’m building up my training for a World Record attempt on the Pacific Crest Trail is 2020.  I’m shooting for the overall record which is just over 52 days.  Beyond a number of traditional ultra races like Bighorn 100 and Bigfoot 200, I’ve got a 200 mile self support planned as well as a 10 day supported PCT run.  2019 is just one jammed packed year of fun!

My Thoughts on Becky

After posting the first few Passion Profile I received the below message from a reader about Becky suggesting she would be perfect for the Profiles:

“Becky is a fitness coach, mother of 4, military wife, and all around great person.  Becky is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met, and passionate about her family and training.  She’s currently preparing for a world record attempt at of the supported FKT on the PCT.” – K. Taughinbaugh

Clearly my interests were peaked when I saw Becky was going to attempt the Pacific Crest Trail FKT (Fast known Time). Like most people who are truly passionate, it didn’t take much for me to see it through Becky’s Instagram and in conversation with her via email.

Personally I really loved Becky’s view on Time being a monster. I completely agree with her and when I’m racing it’s on par with my brain as my toughest competitor. As a mother of 4 and her training schedule I can imagine it’s one of Becky’s toughest too.

I also love how Becky has created a life where she can spend time with her family and still train at such a high level. This is a very tough thing to do. At this level there is always the nagging voice that says you need to be doing more and that your training has to be just right. Becky is breaking that mold and blazing her own path. It’s my belief that it’s her passion for what she does and her family that help her find that balance.

More about Becky here.

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