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There’s no shortage of hiking resources on the internet.  The challenge is finding them and then sifting through them for what’s really useful.  During the building of my website I realized the need to centralize the most important resources into one place.

We all have to go through the same steps to plan and execute a hiking trip. We shouldn’t have to spend hours doing so.  Checkout the following posts and pages, and make things easier. Consider bookmarking this page as I’ll be adding more resources on a regular basis.

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Gear lists from the AT, PCT and CDT; Pros & Cons; Things I’d do different; and Tips.

2019 JMT Gear List; Pros & Cons; Things I’d do different; and Tips.

Scott Richardson - Baker Pass - Shakedown Hike
Ultralite hiking - Wind River Range - Wyoming
Craig Fowler packs of the triple crown - Cutting Pack Weight
Dirty-feet- How to Prevent and Treat Blisters.
PCT vs. CDT trail comparison -
Hiking Cook Set up


Arizona Trail Logo - pregnant triangle - One of Seven Project - Arizona Trail Guide - FINISH TIME CONTEST
Tour Divide/Great Divide MTB Route Logo - tour divide guide
Colorado Trail Logo- One of Seven Project - colorado trail guide
Kokopelli Trail Logo - Kokopelli Trail Guide - Bikepacking

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