Passion Profiles

The Passion Profiles are short interviews with individuals who exhibit passion. They’re passion is the type that inspires others. It raises others up, and it’s not as if they’re trying. It’s just who they are.

The hope is that these profiles will service to inspire, motivate, and break down barriers for others, so they can follow their own passions.

Scott Samuel - Passion Profile
kurt refsnider - Passion Profile
Courtenay McFadden - Passion Profile
Passion Profile - Becky Rogers
passion profile - jason fowler - Kona Ironman Hawaii
Passion Profile - Devin "Jukebox" Everett
Mike Fagan - Passion Profiles - Myanmar Expedition
Passion Profile - Marvin Cassler

“I love your idea for these passion profiles!”

Jackie O.

“I like your message inspiring others by living authentically.”


“Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful page and tool for others. I am inspired by your story.”