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This  page contains everything you need to plan and execute a ride/race of the Tour Divide from Canada to Mexico.

The Tour Divide is over 2600 miles, starting in Banff, AB and finishes in Antelopes Wells, New Mexico on the US/Mexico border. It elevation gain and loss is over 150,000′, as it passing through two Canadian Provences and five states. The route took 4 years to map by the Adventure Cycling Association, and was finish in 1998.

The first ITT of the route was in 2005, while the first Grand Depart was in 2008 (usually held on the second Friday in June).  Only a handful of riders attended the first Grand Depart but today close to 200 brave men and women toe the line to test themselves against each other, the route, Mother Nature and most importantly, themselves.

Consisting mainly of dirt roads, double track and jeep track the Tour Divide is not overly technical but the elements, long days on the bike, and the physical and mental exhaustion make the event very difficult.

This page contains everything the One of Seven Project has that is related the Tour Divide and more. Find out how to plan and resupply, find transportation, to bikepacking resources to help you pack, stay dry or warm, and other helpful tips.

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Everything you need to plan a bikepacking trip on the Tour Divide.

Craig Fowler - Tour Divide - Idaho Montana State Line - Tour Divide Guide - Bikepacking

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Craig Fowler - Tour Divide - Idaho Montana State Line - Tour Divide Guide - Bikepacking

Your ultimate bikepacking guide to the Tour Divide.

Tour Divide - Wyoming - tour divide guide

Checkout our bikepacking resource page for more planning help.

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