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Passion Profile - Devin "Jukebox" Everett


What makes you 1 of 7 billion?


Living “on the road” for the last year+ (and hiking the AT) has really allowed me to identify what is essential to live, and I discovered how little I need to truly be happy. Beyond happy, really. I am certain now that I resonate at a core level with an experience based lifestyle rather than one around materials.  I will take the pack on my back, the joy in my soul and my favorite humans on this adventure we call life. As my heart fills, my closet shrinks and that’s fine by me. Because as I traverse this unmapped trail of life, one thing I can clearly follow is that the less I own, the richer I feel.

As someone who used to give in to societal norms, I have grown to become someone who follows their dreams. It was scary to make the jump, leave comfort for the unknown.  I can say with the happiest heart that it was the best decision I ever made. As soon as I started living in the true flow of my being, listened to what I craved and desired, without fear of the acceptance of others, life quite simply started to fall into place.

I find the other layer to my life is my battle with Lyme disease.  About four years ago, I started to notice my body not functioning as well as it used to. For someone who ate well and exercised frequently,  I thought I should have more energy, less pain, and a better control on my anxiety and depression. After two and a half years of blood work and testing from several different types of doctors, I was told I was fine.  Somewhere in that time, my right knee filled with synovial fluid after a 40 mile bike ride. It was the first time this ever happened and my doctor told me it was from overuse and to take a break from activity until it went down.  It went down some, but never back to normal. About ten months later, in April 2017, my knee flared up again out of nowhere. This time, the doctor drained the knee. Two weeks later I was back in the office, upset and confused as to what was going on.  He decided to drain the fluid and test it this time around. The results; Lyme Positive. I took two months of antibiotics without any relief. Since, I have altered my diet and added supplements to help keep my symptoms at bay.

From these parts of me stem my passions in life: Help people create their own happiness and follow their dreams, spread Lyme awareness, and reduce the stigma associated with mental health.


Where does your passion come from?


I am inspired by my siblings and those who I have met along my journey.  I find the more I follow my dreams and do the things I love, the more I meet people who are doing similar things which in turns inspires me to do more.  Elevating each other to be our best selves and continue to do the things we love most.

My passions also come from my experience in life so far.  I was depressed and stuck in a life I wasn’t completely happy with. Once I made the decision to do what I wanted without feeling pressure to please others in my life, things started to fall into place. From there, my passions evolved.  Sharing my stories as I explored the world. Telling my story of Lyme in hopes to spread awareness, show that it doesn’t have to keep you from the outdoors, and that a healthy lifestyle can help you move forward. Acknowledging my struggle with anxiety and depression in efforts to reduce the stigma and create a safe place for others to talk about their mental health struggles, and helping people get outside to find solace in nature.  I find I can do these passions while doing what I love most and that is a beautiful thing. My overall message is to support each other, share our unique stories, and to spread as much happiness as we can muster.


What barriers have you identified in life that have kept you from following your passions?


I think my health and struggle with Lyme has been a barrier to some extent.  I recently had to step away from rock climbing for a bit to give my joints a break and allow my feet to fully recover from hiking.  My body is more susceptible to injury, or longer lasting injury, especially within my joints. I am really trying to listen to what my body needs (a break) and not give in to my eagerness to get back into the activities I missed while hiking. I haven’t found any barriers beyond that and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to say that.


What methods have you learned to use to overcome those barriers?


To stop and listen to what my body needs. To stay humble. I am definitely someone who loves to go-go-go, and have trouble taking a break. I have found that a spot in the middle is what helps most; maintaining a sense of normalcy while honoring what the body wants.  In efforts to work through anxiety and depression, I pause, come back to the present moment, and recognize that I am not my emotions. Once I address the root cause of what I am feeling, I am able to let it go.


Can you share your favorite inspirational quote to help motivate others?


Find the beauty in life.  If you can’t find it, create it.


What Passion(s) are you following in 2019?


I am going to be traveling and exploring. I set off on May 4th, northbound on the Pacific Crest Trail.  After the trail, I will be traveling to New Zealand for some time to expand my life in adventure, work, love, creativity, exploration, and friendship.

My Thoughts on Devin

After posting the first Passion Profile I received the below message from a reader about Devin suggesting she would be perfect for the Profiles:

“She is such a positive impact on everyone she encounters and she is constantly pursuing her passions…whether that’s hiking, teaching yoga, cycling, traveling…candle making at one point. The point is she just goes for “it” unabashedly without letting outside perception or opinions hold her back. And while pursuing all these passion she is always incorporating ways with which she can help out her community more directly. While hiking the AT she was helping raise money for a friend’s school that he worked at and this year she will be raising money for HIKE for Mental Health, while she hikes the PCT.
Personally, she has believed in me and pushed me to be the best version of myself…both personally and professionally. It’s just what she does. She elevates the people around her.” -Jackie Orange

I was blown away that I so quickly had someone sending me a suggestion for the Passion Profile but I was also moved at what Jackie had to say about Devin. I took some time to read Devin’s website and go through her Instagram. Jackie was right and when I approached Devin, her outlook and passion even transcended email!

You can learn more about Devin at her website on the social media link below.

More about Devin here.

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About the Passion Profiles

Throughout my adventures I’ve meet people who I think truly embrace what it means to be passionate. The subject of their passion isn’t always the same or one I might share but that is what makes them standout. I believe our passions are a big part of what makes us unique.

Each month I will choose an individual who embodies what it means to be passionate or One of Seven Billion. The goal of the Passion Profiles is not to simply highlight these individuals but to share their story and passion(s), in hopes it will motivate others to embrace and follow their own passions.

The Passion Profiles embrace the One of Seven Project’s Core Values and attempt to make a difference in others’s lives by helping to breakdown barriers, while encouraging them to be unique, or One of Seven Billion.

Core Values

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