Rider Survey Results

Are you interested in racing one of the bikepacking triple crown races, or touring one of the classic routes? We surveyed rider/racers to find out what gear they used in hopes of helping to answer the most common questions those new to the sport might have. The Rider Survey Results cover everything from which drivetrain is most common to how much water racer/riders carried and everything in between.

It’s the Project’s belief that in the end everyone should do or use what works for them. This Rider Survey Results page is supposed to act as a guide to help either confirm or deny what you’ve already learned for yourself. A shakedown ride is a great way to accomplish this. Don’t simply rely on what others say or do, find out for yourself.

Going out and simply riding your bike is hands down the best thing one can do before one of these big events. Learning what works for you and what doesn’t should be done before you toe the line. Find out your strengths, weaknesses, and what you can and can’t handle. Use your training rides to ensure your bike is dialed and all your gear works.

The results for each survey will be updated from time to time so be sure to check back to see updated results. If you need further help or require more information about bikepacking, checkout the Project’s Bikepacking Resource Page.

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