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Emerald Bay

The Lake Trail Journal

Since the beginning of the year one of my major goals was to bikepack The Lake Trail. The Lake Trail is a 133 mile loop around Lake Tahoe. It's a collection of single track, double track, dirt roads and some pavement. The loop has over…
Arizona Trail Race Bikepacking Set up - Phillip The Trail Donkey - bikepacking lessons

Phillip The Trail Donkey

A lot of people ask me why I name my bikes (in this case, Phillip the Trail Donkey), and backpacks. The honest answer is that I think it’s fun. Plus I spend so much time with them, why not give them a name. By the end of a long trip, they…

Faces of the CTR - 2019

I spent two days at the Little Molas Lake Trailhead attempting to capture portraits of as many riders from this year's Colorado Trail Race as possible. I was able to capture portraits of 67 of 69 riders. The faces I saw spanned a wide range.…
US / Mexico Border Tour Divide Finish bikepacking lessons - press release