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Triple Crown, How Did I Start ?

I'm consistently asked how I got to be a Triple Crown hiker.  Where did my love for thru-hiking and cycling come from.  I grew up in a time when kids made forts from sticks, spent hours in the woods and rode their bicycles everywhere.  I…
PCT vs. CDT trail comparison -
AT vs. PCT comparison - thru-hiking - hiking
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The Low Down on the CDT

Whenever I tell someone I'm going to walk from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide Trail they always have a ton of questions.  You can see the hamster in their head go from zero to 100 in an instant.  I have noted these questions…
The Blanket Story
Craig Fowler packs of the triple crown - Cutting Pack Weight
AT vs. PCT comparison - thru-hiking - hiking

Why I'm Blessed

Most times on Christmas I'm always thinking about what I did or worse DIDN'T get for the holiday.  Today my mind drifted to not what I did or didn't receive but to things I have done so far in my life.  There's so many people out there who…
AT vs. PCT comparison - thru-hiking - hiking

Timothy Lake Race Report

This past weekend was my first ever running race.  Since I was Suzie's pit crew the weekend before she was mine this time around.  We left Saturday morning with stops at Ikea and Dabney State Park in Troutdale, OR for some disc golf. By the…