I love exploring Colorado on my road or mtb bike.  The views are amazing and cycling is the best way to see it all.  So this past weekend my roommate Nic and a customer of the Aloha’s, Wild Bill attempted to circumnavigate Ivanhoe Lake.  The ride was supposed to be a 110 miles.  We made a wrong turn after lunch, despite having taken a picture of the map with my phone before we left.  Note to self, “Look at the map!”  Despite our error we still had a blast.  Bill had to leave us towards the end as he had other commitments.  Nic and I stopped at the Brick Pony in Basalt on our way back for a beer, buffalo sliders, fries and chips and salsa.  It made the next miles sluggish but our tanks were on empty.

I took more than looking at the map from this ride.  After the ride I went online and ordered some light weight sun protecting arm warmers.  The sun is relentless here in Colorado.  I also ordered some Aquamira.  I didn’t drink enough water as there was no safe water sources along the ride.  Lastly I need to find a better sunscreen that doesn’t make me look like I spent the whole day smoking weed.  My poor eyes get so irritated  throughout the day and get so blood shot.

I did see a lot of wildlife on this ride.  I saw trout and four deer in the Frying Pan River.  We spooked  a cow elk just as we arrived at our lunch stop.  Then on the way down while doing about 30+ mph I had marmot run in front of me.  He was my first one I’ve seen send I got here and very red.

Our numbers:

100.9 Miles

8:48 Overall Time

7:23 Moving Time

13.7 Avg. Speed

12,508′ Elevation Gain

10,032′ Maximum Elevation


Get out there!

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