It’s been a while since I last posted anything (Sept. Thomas Lakes).  It’s hard when you live in a place like this to want to spend any more time than I already do on a computer  at work, when I get home.  My life has been taken over by cyclocross season.  It ended on Thanksgiving for me but soon nordic skiing season will start.

Not only am I racing this year I have been promoting a cyclocross series as part of my job.  While at my race series I both race and promote the race at the same time.  I have a whole new respect for race promoters.


Much needed nap after climbing 3000′ feet.


The above two photos were from an exploration of Hay Park.  Hay Park is an area on the north side of Mt. Sopris.  I had been by a particular trail a few times and never knew where it went.  On this day I would find out where it went.  Unfortunately for me I was incredibly tired and felt like I had to fight for every pedal stroke.


Tommy D’s 2013 TDF Cervelo R5

Back in July I helped my shop Aloha Mountain Cyclery win a contest put on by Cervelo and the Garmin Sharp Barracuda Cycling Team.  The contest was won by being the top supporting shop of the team throughout the Tour De France.  Through social media and in store promotions I was able to win Tommy Danialson’s 2013 TDF Cervelo R5.  So I now own a Pro Tour bike, but unfortunately it’s too small for me to ride.  If you want to buy it let me know.


My fishing hole.


My first trout caught in 28 years!

This September I decided after 28 years I’d get back into fly fishing.  My friend and fishing guide Randy Spencer is to credit.  I have been 9 times now and my record is 1-8.  As you can see I’m still in the learning stage.  Before now I had only once fished in a stream.  All of my fly fishing has been on flat water.


This is me at Outer Bike with a carbon fiber Fat Bike


This is the day after shot of the “fall” of the Fall.

Beside fishing I’ve gotten out on a few fun rides as well,  not as many as in the Summer.  The first shot is from Outer Bike.  Outer Bike is a weekend long event in Moab, UT.  Bike companies bring all of next years bikes and you get to demo them.  I rode 14 bikes and rode 80 miles in three days.

The banged  up leg is from a ride I did with my friend Karen in Loma.  I went too slow up a step up ledge as I was trying to take it easy for her and I lost my forward momentum.  The result was me falling over and scraping my shin, knee and bruising my palm.  Oh, and my pride.  This was the second week of October.  I still have a scab.  Getting old sucks!


Una and Chris


Spouting Rock


Hanging Lake


Behind Spouting Rock


Gothic – Crested Butte

Later in October my long time friend Una came to visit from Texas.  We used to work together at International Bike in Newton.  I hadn’t seen her since probably 2005.  I took them to Hanging Lake which is a side hike in Glenwood Canyon.  Another day we drove over Kebler Pass to Crested Butte, where we did some sight seeing and off roading with the rental car up near Schofield Pass.


My muddy legs after race #3 in the Aloha Shaka Cross series.


Close up of my leg.


Racing in Seattle on my way to 9th out of 102 in the single speed category, after racing the day before in Fruita, CO and winning.


LRT #4 in Palisade, CO. Took the win and defended my series championship, making it two in a row!


My win in Fruita and a treat for winning or fuel for Seattle.


Just a great shot from George Hendrix.


Me promoting the Aloha Shaka Cross series. Promoting is so much harder than one would think.


There were a few bumps along the way.

As I said lots of cyclocross racing.  The season was great.  I’m not as fast as last year but consistency has paid off.  Two weekends ago I wrapped up the LTR series with a win in Palisade, CO and defended my title from last year.  In my own series I was always on the podium but never got a win.  With all the work I did on top of racing during our events I’m happy with my second place for the season.  I’m looking forward to the off season and some skiing, though I’m sad cross season is over.  I’m also hoping to do a hut trip this winter and some Fat Biking.


Get out there!



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  1. Andrew Novikoff
    Andrew Novikoff says:

    Can certainly appreciate that. But, get them riding proper while that are young and they will see the light as they mature into true cyclocross riders. Look at what has happened in the PNW=Seattle, Portland,etc. It’s accepted as part of the culture and a legitimate way to race cross. This is of course in jest and good fun. Bur flat bars on a cross course?! …COME ON!!

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