07.20.12 Day 20
Sand Pit on Rt. 4 to Gakano Lodge
63.49 miles, 1113.49 trip miles
13 avg mph, 34.9 max
4:50:59 ride time All pavement
Sunny. 70′s
Days of rain: 7

So last night I appeared to be feeling better and slept okay. I actually woke up feeling good. I ate some but it wasn’t a ton. It seemed the it took a long time to get going this morning though it wasn’t. The miles came easy and I felt strong. The tail wind helped a lot.
We stopped at a couple of stores through the first half of the day as it was really hot again and the sun was strong. It was about noon when we stopped the second time. I got a Vitamin water and a Klondike bar to eat. Not long after my belly started to act up. The next miles were blah and I looked forward to an extended break in Glenallen to wait out the heat of the day.
After a quick stop at the visitor center we found the suggested restaurant. I did not feel like eating at all but knew I needed to eat some thing. The last two burgers seemed to energize me so I got a cheese burger. I barely ate 1/3 of it before I couldn’t eat any more.
I can’t tell you how frustrating this stomach issue or whatever it is is. I know I need to eat and I want to but I can’t. I just sit and look at my food and feel nothing. I also look like a POW already and exhausted. I have begun to question how long I can continue like this physically and mentally. I have never experienced anything like this on any of my trips before.
After lunch I napped against a building in town while Mike and Josh did errands. When I awoke I felt much better but wasn’t hungry. I did managed to eat two bananas and two small apple turnovers. We all shopped and headed out of town.
A major tailwind pushed us along at 17 mph making the 20 miles we planned to go fly by. We reached the junction of Rt. 4 and Rt. 1 and turned right towards Tok, our next destination. Just after a mile of so we had an amazing view of the Gakona River. You could just see the mountains of the Wrangley range in the haze. It smelled like rain and as we descended to the valley it sprinkled on us a bit. It was Arthur bottom we came to the Gakano Lodge. I asked if we could tent and the answer was yes and it was free. We are here with Alice (a Kiwi), Andrew (Auzi), and Gus from Holland who are bike touring as well. Andrew and Gus have been on many tours after meeting on tour 8 years ago. Alice is Andrew’s girlfriend and recently joined them on tour.
We set up camp, cooked, I attempted to eat dinner and failed, then we hung out in front of the tavern. Everyone drank but me. I left the group early to write this and came back to find the wind had blown over my bike and trailer. While moving it I found out I have a flat tire. It will have to wait until the morning. If I’m too out of it to take a Whore’s Bath before bed I’m not fixing a flat.

Glove count: 38
Tie Down Count: 112



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