07.05.12 Day 5
Wiseman to Arctic Circle
75.4 miles, 330.4 trip miles
10.4 avg mph, 49 max
7:25:19 ride time
Almost 85% gravel
Rain in am, sunny,
Day 2 of rain

It’s now 12:28 am I’m just starting my journal. What a long day. With the sun being up 24/7 I’m having a hard time. Not just because it feels like 9 pm right now but the sun drains me. It’s relentless. My eyes get tired, my skin gets baked, and I sweat a ton. You can’t escape it as there still isn’t a ton of trees to make shade.
Despite all that it’s awesome out here. We have been watching the terrain change as we head south. We’ve left the Brooks Range far behind and just crossed the Arctic Circle tonight. We’re actually camped right next to it. That means the further south we head from this point we’ll start to have a sun set. It might only be a few minutes and just look like the sunset turned into a sunrise but the darkness is coming.
I’m getting tight in my shoulders and legs from being in one position and doing one motion. Both Mike and I have started to stretch. Speak of the devil, Mike just started to stretch beside me in the tent.
I had my first town food today. Breakfast a Coldfoot. We both had three egg omelets with hash browns and toast. It was good but I’ve had better. After that we went to the visitor center across the street, looked around, and watched a movie. Hence why we got to camp at 10:15.
Today I saw a Pacific Loon, and three moose. One big bull and two good size cows. Mike is impressed with my ability to pick animals out as we ride. I like to think I’m pretty good at it myself. I love to see all the birds and critters I can so I can experience them.
The other big news today was I took over as the Fast Descender of the Parks and Rec cycling Tour. 49 mph. I pedaled hard behind Mike, got his slipstream and rocketed past him. As I went by he said “Fuuuccck!!!” as he was busy looking at his on speedo and never thought I’d come by with my trailer. It was thrilling to say the least. To thin BOB Trailer says the max speed is 25. Thank God today wasn’t like mountain biking.
So far the trip has been amazing. I haven’t thought about work, money, Facebook, Twitter or any other meaningless things yet. Despite the pain from my saddle sore I enjoy the riding even if I cringe at some of the hills. I’m not into bike touring mode yet as I keep forgetting to do little things that make things harder for me.
My brain isn’t working, must sleeeeeep…

Glove count: 13
Tie Down count: 9



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