First off, congratulations to those who finished and welcome to those still planning on racing.

The goal of the 2019 Arizona Trail Rider Survey is to collect data on what people are using on the trail, in an attempt to help answer questions future riders planning to attempt the AZT might have. As you researched and planned for your own ride/race you know just how uncertain you were about certain aspects of the endeavor. Hopefully we can make that process for others less stressful and easier.  The survey is broken up in two sections.

Section #1 Covers: 

Types of bikes, Suspension, Tires & Wheels, Drivetrain, Components and Electronics.


Section #2 Covers:

Navigation, Camping, Logistics, and Clothing.


The results will be posted here and on the Arizona Trail Race Facebook page for everyone to see. I thank you for your time in taking these surveys and for helping grown our awesome sport.