Cross Essentials

Cross season is in full swing but who hasn’t  forgetting to pack something and left an essential at home.  Heres a list of cross essentials for race day:

Civilian Clothes

  • Waterproof footwear
  • Warm socks (2 pair)
  • Rain Pants
  • Rain Jacket
  • L/S insulating top
  • Long underwear
  • Down or synthetic Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Hat or ear protection
  • Extra shoes for drive home

Race Clothes

  • Shoe covers
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Knee & leg warmers
  • Bibs/shorts/skinsuit
  • Rain Pants
  • Rain Jacket
  • Tights (for warm up)
  • Top (S/S & L/S)
  • Under shirt
  • Gloves (at least 2 pair.  Make sure you always have a warm pair for cold day and possibly neoprene ones for cold rainy days)
  • Glasses
  • Helmet
  • Cycling Cap

Post Race

  • 5 gallon buck with lid (half filled with water and a brush)
  • Rags to clean you bike
  • Towel to clean yourself
  • Action Wipes
  • Food (protein and carbs)
  • Water/Recovery drink
  • Stanley thermos with hot drink


  • Pump
  • Allen set
  • Pedal wrench
  • Bike stand
  • Cassette removal tools
  • Chain tool
  • Chain lube


  • Umbrella
  • YOUR NUMBER!!!!!  (nuun tubes make great container for pins)
  • License
  • Chamois butter
  • Hot Balm
  • Water
  • Energy gels and bars
  • Bottles
  • Plastic bags for dirty or wet clothes
  • Changing mat to stand on
  • Trainer
  • Spare wheels
  • Directions to race
  • Cow bell or other noise maker


Get out there!

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