Hiking Cook Set Up

For a long time I have been wanting to show everyone my hiking cook set up. My currently hiking cook set up is the result of fine tuning over many years. Even as I write this I’m considering something new, but I’ll save that for another time.

A lot of people ask what I cook on and are shocked at the small size of my set up. They see it as extreme but in reality it’s quite common among thru-hikers and other long distance adventurers. Today there’s a growing trend of stoveless hikers. Personally, after long day of hiking I want a warm meal. It just feels good.

My hiking cook set up is basically aluminum flashing with holes punched on the bottom for air flow, then four more holes near the top for two stakes to slide through.  These stakes make a resting spot for my pot which is just above my alcohol stove, ensuring an equal flame coverage. The windscreen protects from the wind and acts as a pot stand at the same time. My stove, lighter and bandana all fit inside my pot. While the two stakes and titanium spork go in the stuff sack. Lastly, I wrap the flashing around the pot itself. All in all it’s quite compact.

You can see how my hiking cut set up and the rest of my gear choices changed over time on my Hiking Gear page.

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Here is the list of weights:

Item Wt. in Oz.
Stuff Sack .585
Pot 4.69
Wind Screen 1.15
stakes .324
Stove .425
Spoon .358
Lighter .643
Bandanna .95
Total 9.125

*Some times I carry a Micra by Leatherman