When you think about hiking poles they all seem pretty much the same, right?  Some might have suspension, or have 3 sections or 2, some are carbon fiber or some aluminum, and some have cork, rubber or foam grips.  Though slightly different they all do the same job, supporting you over rugged terrain.

Pacer Pole Grip

One company from the UK took the hiking pole and their design to the next level, their called PacerPole.  The PacerPole comes in the typical 2 or 3 section models you’d expect from a pole company, as well as in aluminum and carbon fiber models.  What sets them apart is their grips and how the poles are designed to work with the human form and help eliminate unneeded motion if used properly helping you conserve energy with less strain on the body. Pacerpoles use the arm’s piston like motion to propel you as you walk.

From the Pacer Pole site- “Pacerpoles unique design is based on anatomical / biomechanical research for transmitting maximum arm power and leverage – without wasting effort. You can feel the improvement instantly and hour after hour – whether crossing low level terrain – or high mountain rangesmore


The grip on the Pacerpoles reminds me of a fighter jet’s joystick, minus the firing button of course.  It cradles your hand in a way that it barely takes anything to hold the poles and still get the maximum use out of them.  You can hold the grip with your thumb and index finger, relaxing the rest of your hand or you can hold it with your thumb and pinky using the lower part of the grip. It’s a unique grip that at first looks funky but walk 30 feet up hill with them and you’ll be in love.  I don’t even use the lanyards.

After using the Pacerpoles for half of my PCT hike I switched with my dad to let him try them.  His convention hiking poles felt small and not as efficient.  (They felt small because of the much smaller grip).  The Pacerpoles have a natural feel to them and feel like an extension of you and not like something you’re carrying.  Switching my conventional poles out for Pacerpoles during my PCT hike was the single best improvement to my hike that year.  My hiking was forever changed.

By the numbers:

Maximum Length : 137cm
Collapsed Length : 67cm
Dismantled for Stowing : 56cm
Length of carbide tip housing : 8cm
Weight : 650 grams (pair) excl. basket / ferrule

A lot of light weight and ultralite hikers will say the Pacerpole is too heavy and rule it out.  Its just like with cycling and the whole 29” vs 26” wheel debate.  29” wheels are heavier and take more energy to get going but once their rolling they do so with less effort over the smaller 26”.  Some argue this increased momentum of the 29″ wheel isn’t worth the added weight .  The Pacerpole is the 29” tire of hiking poles being that it’s heavier than most out there.  Use them correctly and you won’t notice the weight difference since you will be more efficient and spend less energy. Read more

Summary:  I my opinion Pacerpoles will make you a better hiker.  Better in that you’ll be less tired, have less strain on your body and you’ll be more efficient.  Their design works and works well.

Rating: 4 out of 5


Get out there!

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