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Nap Time -Craig Fowler - Hayduke Trail
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Hayduke Trail Section Hike Recap

Back in October of 2018 my buddy Marvin and I met for drinks in Salt Lake City. Before we met for drinks I didn't even know he lived there. I was there visiting my buddy Scott and by chance we stopped at his girl friends place in Park City.…
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Top Ten Hiking Essentials

Top Ten Things to Bring on a Hike: 1. Map 2. Compass (actually know how to use it) 3. Water (and a way to purify it) 4. First aid kit (be sure to include an extra day of any medication you are taking or might need in…
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Pacerpole Review

When you think about hiking poles they all seem pretty much the same, right?  Some might have suspension, or have 3 sections or 2, some are carbon fiber or some aluminum, and some have cork, rubber or foam grips.  Though slightly different…