Long Trail Journal
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Long Trail Journal

The LT was my second thru-hike and my first after doing the Appalachian Trail. It helped form my love for hiking and exploring. The LT is part of the Mini Triple Crown, which includes the Long Trail, John Muir Trail, and the Colorado Trail.…
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Emerald Bay
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The Lake Trail Journal

Since the beginning of the year one of my major goals was to bikepack The Lake Trail. The Lake Trail is a 133 mile loop around Lake Tahoe. It's a collection of single track, double track, dirt roads and some pavement. The loop has over…
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Intro I wrote my 2019 JMT JOURNAL in my normal style, starting with a daily recap of important numbers and places, critters and birds seen, and critter totals, followed by my thoughts on the day. Most days I was tired so, you're really only…
Nap Time -Craig Fowler - Hayduke Trail
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Hayduke Trail Section Hike Recap

Back in October of 2018 my buddy Marvin and I met for drinks in Salt Lake City. Before we met for drinks I didn't even know he lived there. I was there visiting my buddy Scott and by chance we stopped at his girl friends place in Park City.…
Craig Fowler - Appalachian Trail - Katahdin - Finish
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Appalachian Trail Day 153 - Daisy Pond Lean-to - Katahdin

Appalachian Trail Day 153 Day 153 07-30-01 12.8 miles Daisy Pond Lean-to → Katahdin AT – 2168 I’ve done it! I’m sitting on top as I write.  The climb was a piece of cake.  I love it.  Jeff and I climbed like champs. …