I left Durango on a Monday.  I drove north for four hours going through Silverton, Ouray, Montrose, Delta, Paonia, and finally arrived in Carbondale (sometimes called Bonedale).  On the way into town I passed my friend Michele, the only person I know in town.  She was on her way to ride Prince Creek, a local mountain bike trail system.  I joined her and Nic, owner of Aloha Mountain Cyclery.  The ride was a great way to start my time here in Carbondale.

Mt. Sopris seen from Mushroom Rock, Day #2, ride #2.

I spent my first couple of weeks in Carbondale getting the lay of the land and looking for work.  I stayed in the Gateway RV park just on the edge of town.  The biggest down fall of this situation was that it was right next to the road which had a stop light and trucks would “Jake Brake” every morning.  I started in a tent but unfortunately it smelled too much like mold, which I eventually found and ended up under my tarp.


I spent my free time riding the cycling or playing disc golf.  Town isn’t really that big so it didn’t take long to learn the lay of the land.  Carbondale sits at 6181′ above sea level and has about 6000 people.  Town is only about 2 square miles in size.  Carbondale is located in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley.

The view of Colorado my bike has.

More riding but in the dirt with lots of sharp rocks.  I put on my best “I’m not happy right now face” for this picture.  This was my first ride in the more remote trails of Mushroom Rock and I was almost as far out as you could get.  Time to find those 6 patch kits from my Alaska trip.

It can be very rocky here. After this day I went tubeless in there once again.

Two weekends ago I went to Silverthorne and Frisco to meet up with my friend who has been riding the Tour Divide.  He start in Jasper, AB.  We camped at Heaton Bay Campground on the Dillon Reservoir.  We woke up to frost on everything and later I learned it got down to 28 degrees.  It gets cold early at 9000′.

The next day Jeff got a less than happy phone call so I extended my ride with him all the way to Boreas Pass at 11,482′.  I bid him fair well and descend the way I came.  He continued south towards Mexico.  Later I played disco golf and spent the night on the other side of the reservoir at Peak One Campground.

Tunnel on I-70 in Glenwood Canyon.


It was that cold.

Jeff climbing up Boreas Pass.

View at the top of Boreas Pass.

The next day after leaving Jeff I went for a ride on the Colorado Trail, which was amazing.  There was lots of climbing but the descent was amazing.  Since then I have been continuing the job search and I’m currently waiting to hear about an awesome opportunity with Verde PR.  It’s my dream job so send the positive thoughts my way.  If that doesn’t work out I have some other things that might work out.  I’m learning it’s a long and drawn out process for things to happen here.  This is just one of many things living in a small town teaches you.  It will be worth it in the end, I know this.  So far it’s been tough but I’ll make it work and be better for it.

On my 40th I rode my mountain bike 40 miles to Hay Park and back.  It was a great way to celebrate my birthday.  The more I asked about trails for mountain biking, skiing or 4×4 the more I get excited about Colorado.  The views, people, and trails are amazing and possibilities for exploring are endless.  I have a lot of exploring to do!

My first CTR post and the trail itself.

Me on my 40th and the wonderful trail I rode.

Since my birthday I have been continuing the job search and just networking.  As I said it’s slow in Smallville USA but I’ll keep at it as I really love it here.  My mind races at the opportunities waiting for me around every turn in the woods.  I’ll do this and when I have you’re all welcome to come play in my backyard.  I promise to be the best tour guide out there.

Until the next update, be safe and “Get out there!”


Get out there!

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