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Duffel 1-10


Test Period: 1 Month

I absolutely love the concept of GYST Concepts.  Everyone  has pulled the floor mats out of their car to change or tried their hand at being a contortionist while trying to change in their car over getting wet/dirty by changing outside of it.  GYST Concepts bags have a reinforced rip-stop polyester PU coated bottom that protects you, your gear and your bag from the ground on which you stand.  This allows you and your car to stay clean and dry.  The quality of the bag is great and it’s very durable.  It has both a removable shoulder strap and internal divider.

The end pockets surprisingly fit more than you think.  Speaking of pockets this bad boy has eight, plus the main compartment.  Two front pockets, two side pockets, and four zipper pockets inside.  Another very cool feature is the removable transition mat.  It zips off and on with ease, making washing it a snap.  Above each side pocket is a strip of elastic.  I’m guessing you could put a towel or piece of clothing under it carrying them on the outside of the bag.

I’ve used this bag many times now and I can’t say enough about having an area to change, that is clean and dry.  At first I was confused how the bag worked.  Then I watched the video and it all made sense.   The bag is rigid so it holds it shape making putting things in, taking them out, or simply finding them a snap.

The Facts:

  • XCP system
  • Combination of magnets elastic and hooks for ease of use of the 2 padded mats.
  • Water repellent fabric
  • PU coated fabric expose to the ground with abrasion resistant Hypalon®  patch over magnets
  • 4 external pockets
  • 4 inner mesh pockets and a key holder
  • Removable divider in the main compartment
  • Breathable removable shoulder strap also use to cinch you bag
  • “G1” and “G2” set of woven label indicating in which order to open the mats
  • Removable transition mat for ease of cleaning
  • Reinforced rip-stop polyester PU coated bottom

Our duffel bag features our X-Changer Pack System [XCP System], allowing you to open it anywhere, get changed on a clean mat and carry a clean bag when you are done. Each portion of the bag is water repellent. -GYST Concepts

  • Size 19.6in H x 10.2in W x 10.2in D [50x26x26]
  • Volume 1748 cu. In [28.5l]
  • Weight 2.7 lbs [1.2kg]
  • Max. Laptop Size 17″  (NOTE: the bag does not have a dedicated laptop sleeve)
  • Materials PVC FREE Bag: 600D Polyester PU Coated Bottom: 600D Rip-stop Polyester PU Coated

Pros & Cons: The Pros are obvious, you can change anywhere while keeping yourself, gear and bag clean and dry.  The bag’s construction, materials and manufacturing are all based on environmentally friendly practices and ideals.  This is a big plus to me.  The Cons are few if any.  The internal zippered pockets are small but it’s obvious this was done to not take away from the main compartment volume.  Their best used for things like wallets and other smaller items.

Overall: The GYST “Concept” is great.  The Duffel 1-10 is as functional as it is stylish.  It’s versatility is only matched by it’s simplicity.  It’s the perfect bag for going to the gym, yoga, or even an overnight trip.  I can’t say enough about this bag.



The good people at GYST Concepts gave me another of their bags to test so I’m giving-a-way this one.  Don’t worry it’s in perfect condition and doesn’t smell like scat(man).   Each of the following get’s you an entry, there are 7 chances to win!

  • “Liking” both GYST Concepts & Adventures of Scatman on Facebook
  • Follow @scatmanAT on Twitter
  • Link to this post on your blog/website
  • Sharing this post on Facebook (hint: there is a FB share button on the bottom of this post)
  • Leaving a comment on this post telling me you did any of the above, and why you want to win
  • Finally Tweet the below message

I just entered the win a GYST Duffel 1-10 on the @scatmanat website

The contest starts today Monday 1/24 and ends Friday 2/4. Winners will be announced on the 4th. Good luck!



Get out there!

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17 replies
  1. Jim Wood
    Jim Wood says:

    I did:
    “Liking” both GYST Concepts & Adventures of Scatman on Facebook
    Follow @scatmanAT on Twitter
    Leaving a comment on this post telling me you did any of the above, and why you want to win
    Finally Tweet the below message

    Why do I want to win you ask? Cause I like gear just like everyone else who reads this blog!

  2. debbie
    debbie says:

    Why do I want to win? Two reasons 1- I am tired of using the bleacher bum pad I bought at goodwill as a changing mat and 2- this is brilliant and I like to surround myself with brilliant things!

  3. Craig Stanton
    Craig Stanton says:

    I’ve liked you both on Facebook, and follow you on Twitter and shared this link on Facebook. Last part is to tell you that I want to win because hiking in NZ involves mud, and I have a nice clean car right now. I’d like it to stay that way.

  4. Rose
    Rose says:

    I did:
    “Liking” both GYST Concepts & Adventures of Scatman on Facebook
    Follow @scatmanAT on Twitter
    Link to this post on your blog/website (
    Sharing this post on Facebook

    Why do I want to win? I am involved in many different activities, such as cycling, swimming, running, hiking, bootcamps, etc. and I need reliable gear to get me through all my activities.

    Tweet message: will do as soon as I submit this comment

  5. Carl
    Carl says:

    I like Gyst and Adventures of scatman on facebook and posted a link on my facebook page. I have neither a website or twitter account so I cannot do that, but I really need a new bag, mine is still from high school and starting to fall apart.

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