One Hand Water Bottle

$20 (purchase HERE)

Test Period: 2 months

I had been wanting to try Stanley’s new One-Handed Water Bottle for a while now but unable to touch base with my friend who worked there.  Then just by chance Stanley donated a bunch of them to the guys running the MFG Cyclocross Series and I was able to obtain one at the year-end party.

The bottle holds 24 oz of your favorite beverage.  They added a rubber strip around the neck making it easy to hold.  A built in clip at the top makes keeping it around a snap.  The button you push to drink is conveniently placed making it simple to use.

Coming from a cycling background I’m used to squeezing my water bottle and consuming close to 8 oz of liquid at one time if need be. So when I got the One-Handed Water Bottle I threw it back and tried to chug away.  At first I was disappointed, but then I figured out there’s a sweet spot when it comes to drinking from this bottle.  You’ll all get this analogy, “it’s like drinking from a beer bottle”.  You have to let the air flow or you’ll lose the chug off every time.

You won’t find any BPA in this baby.  It has a full stainless steel body.  Being stainless I’ve found it very easy to clean and it doesn’t get all slimy or get a build up of bacteria.  I use mine every day at work.

The Facts:

  • One-handed push button spout.
  • Open, drink, close with one hand.
  • 100% stainless steel body.
  • Tough as nails.
  • Residue free.
  • No liners or coatings. Naturally BPA-Free.
  • Bike cage + car-cup compatible.
  • Built for your ride.


Time to hydrate. When you are exhausted after a long race, the one-handed water bottle keeps it easy– push, tip, drink, with only one hand. 100% Stainless steel, and leak-proof so you can throw it in your bag, and have a dry set of clothes after all the muddy mayhem.  -Stanley

Pros & Cons: The Pros are it’s durability and functionality.  You can drink from a water bottle with your teeth and one hand but it’s not stainless steel.  I love that it doesn’t leak like most water bottles.  No more surprises when you open your bag to find your clothes all wet.  Cons…..beverage flow could be faster but that’s it.

Overall:  Stanley has been around since 1913 and it shows.  This bottle holds true to the Stanley name as well as their reputation for durable and quality products.  The One-Handed Water Bottle is top notch.



The good people at Stanley gave me three One-Handed Water Bottles to give-a-way.  Here is how you enter to win, there’s 8 chances!

  • “Liking”  both StanleyAdventures of Scatman on Facebook, gets you one entry each
  • Follow @Stanley_PMI and @scatmanAT on Twitter, gets you one entry each
  • Link to this post on your blog/website gets you one entry
  • Sharing this post on Facebook gets you one entry
  • Leaving a comment on this post telling me you did any of the above, gets you one entry
  • Finally Tweet the below message and get one entry

I just entered the win an One-Handed Water Bottle from @Stanley_PMI on the @scatmanat website

The contest starts today Thursday 1/13 and ends Wednesday 1/19.  Winners will be announced on the 20th.

Good luck!



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12 replies
  1. chris
    chris says:

    Just got my hand(s) on one of these…

    Excellent piece of kit except one critism… when I first purchased it I did think, especially as I own a number of Staley flasks, that the bottle was insulated. So you can imagine my surprise when I filled it up with cold water and some ice cubes… the outside of the bottle became wet and cold to hold. Is my bottle broken or is this normal/expected?


    Chris UK

    • Scatman
      Scatman says:


      Sorry for the delay. The One-Handed Water Bottle is a single walled unit and it is going to sweat due to condensation. If you want a bottle that wont sweat you should try either one of the vaccum mugs as they’re double walled, (insulated) or try the Nineteen13 Carbonated Drink Bottle. It’s designed for, you guessed it carbonated drinks but it also has a built in cozy and a sweet handle for easy drinking.
      Also take a look at the Thermalware line, as any of these would work.

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