Action Wipes

$1.25 each, $16.86 for 15, & $25 for 25

Test Period: 10 wipes
Field Tester: Scatman

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter I received a free box of Action Wipes.  I mentioned one should bring a competitors wipe along to the races as part of a post I did and via Twitter Action Wipes got wind of it and sent me some of theirs to try out.  I have used them many times now and their almost gone.  I love their size and how much dirt they can clean up.  Their nature ingredients leave me feeling fresh.

My first experience with Action Wipes was very positive. I used one to clean my face, neck and both legs are a muddy cyclocross race. My legs were quite muddy. Even though the wipe began to dry out before I finished cleaning up it still cleaned surprisingly well. There was minimal piling due to my stubble.
I had planned on washing the used wipe as they suggest you can but lost it. Then upon unloading the drier I found it. It was quite clean, and fully intact. They’re extremely durable.  After coming out of the wash they’re still very soft. Their perfect for dusting, washing dishes in camp, cleaning your dash, you name it.

Before washing

After going through the wash.

They’re individually wrapped so you can carry them with ease, like in a purse, backpack, car, or just about any where.  They’re 9″ x 10″ unlike most wipes, which means their a full-body wipe.  They’ll keep the stink away.

Action Wipes will remove poison oak, ivy and sumac oils too, without having to rinse.


  • All natural ingredients
  • BIG 9″ x 1-“
  • Essential oils
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-microbial
  • No alcohol
  • No parabens or SLS
  • No animal testing
  • Made in the USA

Ingredients: water, cocamidoproply,  pg-dimonium chloride phosphate, capryl glucoside, Boswelia carteril (frankincense) oil, Eucalyptus radiata (eucalyptus) oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil.

What they had to say:

Action Wipes  are manufactured in the USA and are made with all natural ingredients and pure essential oils like Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus, which are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.  Combined with a gentle sudsing action, they remove bacteria that causes body odor. -Action Wipes

Pros & Cons:  The Pros of Action Wipes greatly outnumber the Cons.  Their all natural, recyclable/reusable, big, environmentally friendly, easy to carry, there’s no alcohol and no critters where used to test them.  The only Con I found was I wish when I used them to remove large amounts of mud they stayed wet longer.  This would make clean up easier on the really dirty jobs.

Overall:  These wipes work and they work great!  There are tons of wipes out there but as Action Wipes say “Your face is not a baby’s butt…Don’t wipe it like one.”  Their made to be a full body wipe and they fit the bill.  I also like their Social Mission as a company too.


Here’s mud in your eye, Action Wipes Photo Contest!

Send your best muddy face, legs or body shot to scatman at adventuresofscatman dot com.  I will post the pictures online, where you the readers will vote on the best three.  The three winners will receive an Action Wipes washable bag filled with 10 Action Wipes and a 2oz sports spray, a $25.00 value.

Earn extra votes by:

  • Following @actionwipes on Twitter
  • “Liking” them on Facebook
  • Following @scatmanAT on Twitter
  • “Liking” Adventures of Scatman on Facebook
  • Leave a comment saying you did any of these and get another vote

Lastly, if you either Tweet about this contest or share it on Facebook I’ll give you another vote —that’s a possibility of 6 extra votes!

I’ll pick the three winners on New Years Eve.

Please be respectful, and only submit photos you’ve either taken yourself or have paid for.  Thank you.



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