Stripe Tech T

$75 (purchase HERE)



Test Period: 3 months

Field Tester: Scatman

This is my first piece from Icebreaker and I have to say I like it.  I’d say I like it a lot but there is one small quirk that bugs me to no end.  We’ll get to that, first the good stuff because one quirk isn’t enough to make it a bad shirt.  The feel of the wool is comfortable and is soft to the touch as you’d expect.  I love how the shirt hangs, it’s not too baggy and it’s not too tight, it’s just right for a casual piece.

The Stripe Tech T is made from a Superfine 200 wool and is part of Icebreakers Travel Lite line.  It works well as a stand alone piece or can be used as a base layer with a heavier garment in cooler temperatures.  I love that it has a sense of style to it where you could wear it out to a day at the market shopping or out to a casual dinner.

Because wool is a natural fiber and comes from sheep Icebreaker understands the importance of taking care of those animals and the farmers who tend them.  When you buy an Icebreaker garment you’ll find a hang tag that instructs you how to trace where the wool that made your garment came from.  You simply go to the designated website, and then find the code on your garment and enter it.  The results will come up and you can read all about the farm(s) where the wool came from that made your garment.

Washing and care for this garment is simple and straight forward despite the appearance of the list below.  There has been no pilling, stretching or shrinkage, or color fade after many washings.

Washing Instructions

  • Use warm or cool machine wash on normal cycle
  • Wash separately first (after 2/3 days use) to remove any loose fibres
  • Wash with like colours
  • Wash on a normal cycle with other hard fabrics to remove fluffing
  • Never use a fabric softener
  • Do not use detergents with bleach
  • Do not tumble dry – Dry flat in the shade or on the clothes line

The Facts:

  • Crewe neck
  • Contrast neck band and sleeve band
  • Set-in sleeves
  • Icebreaker embroidered logo and pip label

A classic superfine merino t-shirt that keeps you feeling cool, comfortable and able to take on any situation. With contrasting neck and sleeve trim, and set-in sleeves, it works all year round as a summer t-shirt or a winter underlayer. We’ve updated this popular Icebreaker style with slick summer stripes. -Icebreaker

Pros and Cons:  Pros: I love the fit and style of the piece.  It has a great feel to the hand and is easy to care for.  Cons:  I mentioned earlier I had one nagging issue with the shirt.  That issue is the cuffs on the sleeves.  They are short and stitched in a way they tend to roll up and not lay flat.  If it was just physiological and I couldn’t feel that they were not laying flat it would be okay but you can feel it and it personally bugs me.  I find myself constantly fixing them.

Overall:   This is a wonderful casual piece with great style and a soft touch to the hand.  Icebreaker has blended the technical and casual worlds nicely with this piece.  It gets high marks despite the cuffs on the sleeve.



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