Ferry from Seattle to Bremerton

PCT 2007 Day 1

Day 1 /  3-26-07
Kenmore, WA – Mason Lake
47.79 miles; 47.79 total miles; 11.1 mph avg. 4.16 hours
50’s; partly cloudy

Today started off well. I stayed at Sam’s so I shared her bed with her, the cat, and the two dogs. Not the best night sleep. Tonight I will sleep like a champ.

I got started at 11:13 AM PST. It was 18 miles to downtown where I caught the ferry to Bremerton. The ride went well but I could feel the 60 pounds behind me.

My former manager, Scott, met me downtown and we had lunch before I took the ferry. I’m on the ferry now. It appears we’re getting close to docking, so I’ll write more tonight after dinner.

Ferry ride to Bremerton

Okay it was bound to happen, yes I got lost! I second guessed myself when I got to a highway that I didn’t think I was a allowed on. Not thinking that I just was in a bike lane, a short distance back should have told me it was ok. That set me back about 4 miles. I was pissed for all the wasted time.

I didn’t get to my stopping point until close to 7 PM. I felt some mist while on the road but hoped it wouldn’t turn to rain. It did about the time I was about to unload. I also found out I forgot my tent directions. Yes, I broke one of the top 10 hiking rules and never set my tent up before going on a trip. I had to re-adjust it in the rain.

I’m tenting behind a bath house on Mason Lake. The place is called County Park. It’s flat and I’m now dry. Let’s hope it’s not raining in the am.

If you’re wondering, I have already asked myself why am I riding to Campo. It was a lonely day once I got on the ferry. Critter List Birds: American Crow; American Robin; Song Sparrow; American Coot; Mallards (M/F); American Coot; Herring Gull; Western Grebe; Cormorant; Canada Goose; Kingfisher. Critters: Gray Squirrel



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